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24 Oct 2015

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  • Phillip J. Eby


easy_install python setuptools

Easy Install



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  • Phillip J. Eby

Easy Install

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ferventcoder (maintainer) on 17 Nov 2015 16:58:33 +00:00:

testing the review comments

chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 24 Nov 2015 17:15:36 +00:00:

easy.install has failed testing.
Please visit System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[System.Uri] for details.
The package status will be changed and will be waiting on your next actions.

ferventcoder (maintainer) on 24 Nov 2015 18:04:48 +00:00:

chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 01 Dec 2015 05:53:59 +00:00:

easy.install has failed testing.
Please visit for details.
The package status will be changed and will be waiting on your next actions.

chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 06 Dec 2015 02:54:37 +00:00:

easy.install has failed testing.
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easy.install has passed automated validation.
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chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 15 Jan 2016 00:23:58 +00:00:

We've found easy.install v18.4.0.20151024 in a submitted status and waiting for your next actions. It has had no updates within 20 days after a reviewer has asked for corrections. Please note that if there is no response or fix of the package within 15 days of this message, this package version will automatically be closed (rejected) due to being stale.

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chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 30 Jan 2016 00:28:03 +00:00:

Unfortunately there has not been progress to move easy.install v18.4.0.20151024 towards an approved status within 15 days after the last review message, so we need to close (reject) the package version at this time. If you want to pick this version up and move it towards approval in the future, use the contact site admins link on the package page and we can move it back into a submitted status so you can submit updates.

Status Change - Changed status of package from 'submitted' to 'rejected'.


Easy Install is a python module (easy_install) bundled with setuptools that lets you automatically
download, build, install, and manage Python packages

#import-module C:\Chocolatey\chocolateyInstall\helpers\chocolateyInstaller

$global:python_home = $null
$global:python_version = $null

function _cmd($command) {
  $result = cmd.exe /c "$command 2>&1" #stderr hack
  return $result

function Get-RegistryValue($key, $value) {
  $item = (Get-ItemProperty $key $value -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
  if ($item -ne $null) { return $item.$value } else { return $null }

function Get-Python-Home() {
  $result = $null

  $filename = Get-RegistryValue "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Python.exe" '(default)'

  if ($filename -eq $null) {
    $filename = Get-RegistryValue "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Python.exe" '(default)'

  if ($filename -ne $null) {
    $file = Get-ChildItem $filename
    $result = $file.DirectoryName

  if (($filename -eq $null) -and (Test-Path C:\tools\Python2\python.exe)) {
    $result = "C:\tools\Python2"
  if (($filename -eq $null) -and (Test-Path C:\Python2\python.exe)) {
    $result = "C:\Python2"

  return $result

function Get-Python-Version() {
  $res = _cmd 'python -V' # Python 2.7.3

  if ($res -ne $null) {
	return $res.Replace('Python', '').Trim()

  return $null

function is64bit() {
  return ([IntPtr]::Size -eq 8)

function Python-Exec($url, $name) {
  # _cmd "cd /d %TEMP% && curl -O $url && python $name" #old way

  $filename = Join-Path $env:TEMP $name
  Get-ChocolateyWebFile 'easy.install' $filename $url

  if (has_file $filename) {
    Write-Host "Running python file: '$filename'"
    # writes some spam to stderr, so ignore that and rely on exit code
    python $filename 2> $stderr
    if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
       throw "Command failed with exit code $LastExitCode."

function Install-setuptools($version) {
  Write-Host 'Installing setuptools from ...'

  Python-Exec '' ''


function Install-easy-install() {
  Install-setuptools '18.4'

function has_file($filename) {
  return Test-Path $filename

function Verify-installation() {
  return has_file (Join-Path $global:python_home 'Scripts\easy_install.exe')

function setup-python() {
  $python_home = Get-Python-Home

  if ($python_home -eq $null) {
    $python_home = Get-Python-Home

    if ($python_home -eq $null) {
      throw 'Python is not installed. easy_install installation aborted!'

  $python_script = Join-Path $python_home 'Scripts'
  Install-ChocolateyPath $python_home 'Machine'
  Install-ChocolateyPath $python_script 'Machine'

  Write-Host "Setting PYTHONHOME environment variable to '$python_home'"
  Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable "PYTHONHOME" $python_home 'Machine'
  $Env:PYTHONHOME = $python_home

  return $python_home

function chocolatey-initialize() {
  $global:python_home = setup-python

  Write-Host "Using python home at '$global:python_home'"

  $global:python_version = Get-Python-Version

  if ($global:python_version -eq $null) {
    throw "Python Version could not be found. Executing 'python -V' at prompt works?"

function chocolatey-install() {
  Write-Host "Installing easy_install for Python($global:python_version)..."


  $status = Verify-installation

  if (! ($status)) {
    throw "Installation failed! easy_install.exe not found"

chocolatey-install # installs easy_install

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