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19 Sep 2017

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  • SHIROUZU Hiroaki


fastcopy copy delete explorer shell notsilent admin

FastCopy (install)

This is not the latest version of FastCopy (install) available.

3.32 | Updated: 19 Sep 2017



Downloads of v 3.32:



Software Author(s):

  • SHIROUZU Hiroaki

FastCopy (install) 3.32

This is not the latest version of FastCopy (install) available.

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To install FastCopy (install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To upgrade FastCopy (install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To uninstall FastCopy (install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


NOTE: This applies to both open source and commercial editions of Chocolatey.

1. Ensure you are set for organizational deployment

Please see the organizational deployment guide

  • Open Source or Commercial:
    • Proxy Repository - Create a proxy nuget repository on Nexus, Artifactory Pro, or a proxy Chocolatey repository on ProGet. Point your upstream to Packages cache on first access automatically. Make sure your choco clients are using your proxy repository as a source and NOT the default community repository. See source command for more information.
    • You can also just download the package and push it to a repository Download

3. Enter your internal repository url

(this should look similar to

4. Choose your deployment method:

choco upgrade fastcopy.install -y --source="'STEP 3 URL'" [other options]

See options you can pass to upgrade.

See best practices for scripting.

Add this to a PowerShell script or use a Batch script with tools and in places where you are calling directly to Chocolatey. If you are integrating, keep in mind enhanced exit codes.

If you do use a PowerShell script, use the following to ensure bad exit codes are shown as failures:

choco upgrade fastcopy.install -y --source="'STEP 3 URL'"

Write-Verbose "Exit code was $exitCode"
$validExitCodes = @(0, 1605, 1614, 1641, 3010)
if ($validExitCodes -contains $exitCode) {
  Exit 0

Exit $exitCode

- name: Ensure fastcopy.install installed
    name: fastcopy.install
    state: present
    version: 3.32
    source: STEP 3 URL

See docs at

Coming early 2020! Central Managment Reporting available now! More information...

chocolatey_package 'fastcopy.install' do
  action    :install
  version  '3.32'
  source   'STEP 3 URL'

See docs at

    Name: fastcopy.install,
    Version: 3.32,
    Source: STEP 3 URL

Requires Otter Chocolatey Extension. See docs at

cChocoPackageInstaller fastcopy.install
   Name     = 'fastcopy.install'
   Ensure   = 'Present'
   Version  = '3.32'
   Source   = 'STEP 3 URL'

Requires cChoco DSC Resource. See docs at

package { 'fastcopy.install':
  provider => 'chocolatey',
  ensure   => '3.32',
  source   => 'STEP 3 URL',

Requires Puppet Chocolatey Provider module. See docs at

salt '*' chocolatey.install fastcopy.install version="3.32" source="STEP 3 URL"

See docs at

5. If applicable - Chocolatey configuration/installation

See infrastructure management matrix for Chocolatey configuration elements and examples.

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  • Portable (*.portable/*.commandline (deprecated naming convention)/*.tool (deprecated naming convention)) - usually zips or archives that require no administrative access to install.
  • Install (*.install/*.app (deprecated naming convention)) - uses native installers, usually requires administrative access to install.

Learn more about chocolatey's distinction of installed versus portable apps and/or learn about this kind of package.

This package was approved by moderator AdmiringWorm on 08 Oct 2017.


FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows.

It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH (260 characters) file pathnames.

It automatically selects different methods depending on whether the source and destination directories are on the same or different drive.

  • Different drive: Reading and writing are processed respectively in parallel by separate threads.
  • Same drive: Reading is processed until the buffer fills. When the buffer is filled, writing is started and processed in bulk.

Reading/Writing is processed with no OS cache so other applications do not become slow.

It can achieve reading/writing performance that is close to the device limit.

Include/Exclude filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified. In ver3.0 or later, relative paths can be specified.

It runs fast and does not hog resources, because MFC is not used. (Designed using Win32 API and C Runtime only)


  • This package will install the FastCopy shell extension.
  • Install and uninstall of this package does have a few windows flash open and close. I.E. This package is not silent, but it is no-touch.
  • Upon uninstall, a .dll file remains locked by explorer and will not be deleted until a reboot.


  • NoSubs - The FastCopy Explorer shell extension choices will not appear in a submenu (as is the default) but rather on the main context menu.

This parameter can be requested on installation of the package like so:
choco install fastcopy.install -params '"/NoSubs"'

; First, install
Run, %1%, , Min
winWait, FastCopy Setup
ControlClick, Start, FastCopy Setup
WinWait, Install, Starting
ControlClick, OK, Install
WinWait, Install, The setup was completed
ControlClick, Launch, Install

; Next, add/update shell extensions
WinWait, FastCopy ver
WinMenuSelectItem, FastCopy ver, ,Option,Extensions,Shell Extension
WinWait, Shell Extension Settings
ControlGetText, ButtonText, Button1, Shell Extension Settings
Param = %2%
if (ButtonText = "Install" AND Param = "") {
   ; Dont change previous shell extension submenu choice if 
   ;   updating or if the install-user requests 'NoSubs'.
   ControlClick, Button7, Shell Extension Settings
   ControlClick, Button10, Shell Extension Settings
ControlClick, %ButtonText%, Shell Extension Settings
WinClose Shell Extension Settings
WinClose FastCopy ver
$packageName = 'fastcopy.install'
$url32       =''
$checkSum32  = '801b133519ec7779ac344bc5693e4cade51a3c7eae696e9f527eef71be440e55'
$url64       =''
$checkSum64  = 'b3319d65e89570f521b8abe6a5aaf5ba7cd9b1e14be8dbe18e119b924fefd935'

$DownloadArgs = @{
   PackageName         = $packageName
   FileFullPath        = "$env:TEMP\$packageName\"
   Url                 = $url32
   Url64bit            = $url64
   Checksum            = $checkSum32
   Checksum64          = $checkSum64
   ChecksumType        = 'sha256'
   GetOriginalFilename = $true

# Download zip
$ZipPath = Get-ChocolateyWebFile @DownloadArgs
# Extract zip
Get-ChocolateyUnzip $ZipPath (Split-Path $ZipPath)

$UserArguments = @{}

# Parse the packageParameters using good old regular expression
if ($env:chocolateyPackageParameters) {
   $match_pattern = "\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+)):(?<value>([`"'])?([a-zA-Z0-9- _\\:\.]+)([`"'])?)|\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+))"
   $option_name = 'option'
   $value_name = 'value'
   if ($env:chocolateyPackageParameters -match $match_pattern ){
      $results = $env:chocolateyPackageParameters | Select-String $match_pattern -AllMatches
      $results.matches | % {
      if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('NoSubs')) {
         Write-Host 'You want FastMenu options directly in context menus (not in submenus).'
         $NoSubs = 'NoSubs'
   } else { Throw 'Package Parameters were found but were invalid (REGEX Failure)' }
} else { Write-Debug 'No Package Parameters Passed in' }

# Win7 complains the installer didn't run correctly.  This will prevent that.
Set-Variable __COMPAT_LAYER=!Vista

& AutoHotKey $(Join-Path $env:ChocolateyPackageFolder 'tools\chocolateyInstall.ahk') $(Join-Path (Split-Path $ZipPath) 'setup.exe') $NoSubs

; Uninstall
Run, %1%, , Min, setupID
WinWait, FastCopy Setup
ControlClick, 2. Uninstall, FastCopy Setup
ControlClick, Start, FastCopy Setup
WinWait, UnInstall, Starting
ControlClick, OK, UnInstall
WinWait, msg, shell extention
ControlClick, OK, msg

; and close the windows containing what the user is supposed to manually delete
WinWait, , %ProgramFiles%\FastCopy, 0
WinClose, , %ProgramFiles%\FastCopy
WinWait, , %APPDATA%\FastCopy, 0
WinClose, , %APPDATA%\FastCopy

Process, WaitClose, setupID, 2
# fastcopy.install really can't be uninstalled without AutoHotKey as a prereq.

$ProgDir = Join-Path $env:ProgramFiles 'FastCopy'

# Win7 complains the installer didn't run correctly.  This will prevent that.
Set-Variable __COMPAT_LAYER=!Vista

& AutoHotkey.exe $(Join-Path $env:ChocolateyPackageFolder 'tools\chocolateyUninstall.ahk') $(Join-Path $ProgDir 'setup.exe') | Out-Null

# Uninstall removes desktop/Start Menu icons, but it does not remove the installed program and folder.
if (Test-Path ($ProgDir)) {
   # Test if Explorer locked the extension dll.  
   $dll = 'FastExt1.dll'
   If (Get-ProcessorBits -eq '64') { $dll = 'FastEx64.dll' }
   $Lock = Get-Process | foreach { $processVar = $_; $_.Modules | foreach { if ($_.FileName -like "*$dll") { $processVar.Name }}}

   # Register a lock for deletion.
   If ($Lock) {
      Write-Host "The FastCopy file extension is locked by $Lock. It will be deleted on next reboot." -ForegroundColor Cyan
      # Function from:
      #   with reference to "system.linq" (requiring .net 3.5+) removed as it is not needed here.
      Function Register-FileToDelete {
         [cmdletbinding(SupportsShouldProcess = $True )]
         Param (
            [parameter(ValueFromPipeline=$True, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$True)]
            $Source = 'C:\users\Administrator\desktop\test.txt'    
         Begin {
            Try { $null = [File] } 
            Catch { 
               Write-Verbose 'Compiling code to create type'   
               Add-Type @'
               using System;
               using System.Collections.Generic;
               using System.Text;
               using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
               public class Posh
                   public enum MoveFileFlags
                       MOVEFILE_REPLACE_EXISTING           = 0x00000001,
                       MOVEFILE_COPY_ALLOWED               = 0x00000002,
                       MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT         = 0x00000004,
                       MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH              = 0x00000008,
                       MOVEFILE_CREATE_HARDLINK            = 0x00000010,
                       MOVEFILE_FAIL_IF_NOT_TRACKABLE      = 0x00000020

                   [DllImport("kernel32.dll", SetLastError = true, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
                   static extern bool MoveFileEx(string lpExistingFileName, string lpNewFileName, MoveFileFlags dwFlags);
                   public static bool MarkFileDelete (string sourcefile)
                       bool brc = false;
                       brc = MoveFileEx(sourcefile, null, MoveFileFlags.MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT);          
                       return brc;
         Process {
            ForEach ($item in $Source) {
               Write-Verbose ('Attempting to resolve {0} to full path if not already' -f $item)
               $item = (Resolve-Path -Path $item).ProviderPath
               If ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess($item,'Mark for deletion')) {
                   If (-NOT [Posh]::MarkFileDelete($item)) {
                       Try { Throw (New-Object System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception) }
                       Catch {Write-Warning $_.Exception.Message}
      } #end Register-FileToDelete function

      Register-FileToDelete (Join-Path $ProgDir $dll)
      Register-FileToDelete $ProgDir

      # remove everything else
      Remove-Item (Join-Path $ProgDir '*.*') -Exclude $dll -Force
   } else {
      Remove-Item $ProgDir -Recurse -Force 
} else {
   throw 'FastCopy install not found!' 

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